Have you got what it takes…?

Live Escape Games - Sunderland


We are presenting live escape games usually played by two or more people. You’ll be locked in a series of rooms - your only way of escape is to solve the clues, complete the challenges and unlock the exit door - you only have one hour to do it!

Situated in Sunderland we are easy to get to by car or  Metro - we are open most days of the week from morning to evening and have off street parking.  See our map and booking page for detailed info.

Test out your problem-solving skills in real time, challenge yourself; work with your friends, family or colleagues to see what kind of  team you are.  This is a fully immersive live experience to get the heart pumping and the brain working.



Challenge your family and friends to the experience of a live escape game

Escape games are great  for corporate events and team building

An exciting and challenging new way to celebrate your special event


We are a live escape game company in Sunderland; we are great fans of escape games; we’ve really enjoyed creating a challenging and exciting escape experience - the kind we wanted to experience ourselves.

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