Exciting and challenging escape rooms for all

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2 to 8 players

Difficulty: Medium

The Vault

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The year is 1942 and you were involved in the planning and delivery of a local bank robbery. Whilst robbing the bank one of the gang members double crossed you and locked you in the office of bank manager William Pearson. The gang member has done off with the money and sounded the alarm. You know from planning the robbery you have 60 minutes to escape till the police arrive and you will be arrested and spend the rest of your life in prison.


2 to 8 players

Difficulty: Medium

The Box

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After witnessing a distressing mafia murder in the shipping yard where you work – you find yourselves trapped in a crate bound for an unknown destination.  Will you be able to solve the clues and escape the box before the ship leaves the dock?


2 to 6 players

Difficulty: Medium

The Way to wonderland

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You need to use the help of Alice & friends to escape the topsy turvy wonderland before the Queen of Hearts finds you & your team.

60 minute escape game, set on the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll & ‘Alice in Sunderland’ by Brian Talbot.


Game Show

2 to 14 players

Difficulty: Variable

The Game Show

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You won’t have played one like this!

You have 60 minutes of thrills, spills and ultimate challenges. Who will leave victorious and beat the game show! Bring your team and get ready for an exhilarating 60 minutes.

Will you play your cards right or be the weakest link.

Are you ready for the challenge, the game show awaits!

Want to try something different to a classic escape room? Test your skills on mental and physical challenges to earn as many stars as possible. Will you beat the game show?

Suitable for all ages.