Can I Cancel or Rebook?

​When a game has been booked and paid for with The Strategy, you will be unable to cancel the session. Sessions booked are non-refundable. Please contact us directly should you need to make an amendment to your booking.

Can I Cancel or Rebook?2022-01-11T08:51:09+00:00

Are the Rooms Accessible?

The Strategy is currently based on the first floor with access via stairs unfortunately there is no lift in the building. We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Are the Rooms Accessible?2022-01-11T08:51:09+00:00

Can I Take Photos or Bring Alcohol?

Photography and videography are not allowed within the game rooms. We operate a strict no alcohol policy at The Strategy and if any member of the group is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will be refused admission with no refund given.

Can I Take Photos or Bring Alcohol?2022-01-11T08:51:09+00:00

Do I Need to Wear Or Bring Anything?

​Everything you need to play any of the games is provided and we recommend wearing everyday comfortable clothing and footwear. You do not need to bring the confirmation email with you.

Do I Need to Wear Or Bring Anything?2022-01-11T08:51:09+00:00