If you’re a fan of good fun, we are guessing you’ve probably tried an escape room by now, likelihood is you’ve probably made a mistake or two along the way. If you haven’t tried one, don’t zone out, as this blog is just as useful for you! When it comes to having a good time and challenging yourself, escape games are the most fun you can have whilst locked in a room.

Due to the variety of skills needed to perform well in an escape room, our hubs attract audiences of ages and provide a thoroughly versatile and, most of all, fun experience. The true beauty of taking on one of our rooms is that everything is there and laid out for you. All you need to bring is your brains, which is sometimes easier said than done.

So, in this blog, we will give you a heads-up regarding some of the most common escape room mistakes. We will talk you through the things you want to avoid doing if you are going to succeed when you next visit us.

Let’s do this!

Escape Room Mistake 1:

Failing to communicate / Keeping information to yourself

We understand that everyone who walks through our doors wants to be the best; it’s human nature, after all. However, once you’re locked in the room with your teammates, to quote Highschool Musical, you’re all in this together. There’s nothing more detrimental to the team’s overall success than members who fail to communicate. If you see a pattern, sequence, or anything you think might be valuable, speak up and let everyone in the room know.

The more eyes on those clues, the more varied the logic to figure them out. Work as a team first and foremost, share and keep nothing too close to your chest.

Escape Room Mistake 2:

Arriving with a closed mind

As you probably know, to say we know a fair amount about escape rooms would be an understatement. It’s a strange thing to be called an expert at, but we suppose we don’t mind; it has a nice ring to it. “Escape Room Experts”, yes, let’s go with that!

As experts, we stress that we still don’t enter any room we haven’t played with a know-it-all attitude, as it’s very detrimental. We advise arriving at an escape room venue with an open mind and a clear and logical approach. Every room is different, and therefore, just because you have performed well in the past doesn’t mean you will today!


Escape Room Mistake 3:


The biggest ‘no no’ on the list is, without a doubt, arguing. We know they’ll be some of you reading this thinking, “no way do people actually argue when they are supposed to be having fun”. Trust us, they do. In fact, it’s far more common than you may think, and some of it is down to us.

As builders of escape rooms, we aim to create situations and surroundings that make you uncomfortable. We plant distractions within the spaces and tricks to lead you down the wrong path entirely. But that’s the beauty of the challenge. Whatever you do, don’t get angry and lose your temper, firstly because you’ll regret it!

Secondly, it will affect all of your team’s concentration.

There’s no I in team, but there is a U in temper tantrum.

Escape Room Mistake 4:

Rushing ahead

One of the most common mistakes made whilst tackling an escape room is that one player fixates on rushing ahead. In almost every game, we see this happen, whether it means trying to solve the combination on a lock when you don’t have the clues or attempting to decipher a problem when you don’t have all the information.

The key to understanding the necessary path to take is to gather all of the information and work backwards; if you have noticed something interesting or valuable, it doesn’t have to be used at this moment. Just breathe and continue gathering all of those clues.

Escape Room Mistake 5:

Not asking for clues

No matter what Escape Room you attend, the designer of that room wants you to have a brilliant time. Your gamemaster will be watching over you to make sure you are heading in the correct direction so that you have the utmost fun in the room. Therefore, no matter how much pride you have, ask for clues if you get stuck.

All of the information that we share with you is designed to help improve your experience. We will often offer clues if you are running behind time to speed you along and help you figure out what happens next. So, if you’re really stuck, just speak out; we can offer a helping hand.