Escape rooms can be challenging right? If you’re having issues with family dynamics, why would doing an escape room be in any way a good idea? Well let us stop you right there… because in actual fact, doing an escape room could be just the tonic you need. Honestly.

No matter how young or old, no matter how many family members, tackling an escape room en famille can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. Here are the reasons, and our top tips for family escape room success:


Reason 1: Quality family time

Yes it’s time to come together, and remember that actually you can be quite effective when you work as a team! If you manage to beat the room, you will leave on a high, naturally – however even if you don’t, you will have a great time trying to solve the clues.

Reason 2: You recognize each other’s strengths

It’s unlikely everyone in your family is good at exactly the same thing. So celebrate your differences!

Divide up the tasks and you’ll find one person is better at maths, another at word clues, another at thinking outside the box, another at practical clues. Whatever puzzles you find in your escape room, you’ll also gain some interesting insights into the family skillset.

Reason 3: Improved communication skills

You’ll never beat an escape room without good communication skills. You need to COMMUNICATE with each other clearly throughout the challenge, so that every member of the family knows what’s going on and can chip in their thoughts to solve the clues. Good communication skills are skills well worth having and honing, whatever you’re doing in life.

Reason 4: Fully immersive – no distractions, no phones!

At last, an activity you can do as a family where phones and gadgets don’t get in the way.

Reason 5: Satisfying

If you manage to escape, congratulations, and very well done 🙂 You can go home and know your family rocked it! If you didn’t escape, you’ll still feel an uplifting sense of satisfaction: you tried your best, you all contributed, and you probably succeeded in solving many of the puzzles and had great fun along the way. Escape rooms are known to be great for your brain, eliciting positivity and improved concentration and communication skills. Win win.