As a Games Master, you do get to meet amazing people who all have their own way of approaching rooms and puzzles, with varying levels of success. But when we heard of a story from a fellow Games Master, we had to give them the prize for literal thinking! The story they told goes a bit like this:

“We have a jail themed escape room with cells and all the trimmings, but we also have a fake door painted on one of the walls, covered in wood to make it look like the real thing. I could see the group we have getting more and more tense as the clock counted down and, with just a few minutes left to go, I could see that they were not going to make it. Obviously, one member of the group came to the same conclusion, and she decided to take matters into her own hands. She suddenly shouted “Jailbreak” at the top of her voice and ran for the fake door at full speed. The wooden fake door, and the old plasterboard behind, was no match for a girl at full speed, and she crashed through. Looking dusty, but unbowed, she waited for the rest of the group to join her, and they left, looking very satisfied with their session. When we managed to close our mouths, we got onto the phone to our builder.”

We don’t recommend this as a form of escape, but we do hope you enjoy the story!