You enter a room, excitingly (or eerily) decorated to put you in a setting and get you in the room. The room itself is a puzzle. You will find a starting point (or sometimes several), follow the clues, open doors, locks, crates, boxes, bottles, cases, tins, coffins…you get the idea…until eventually you unlock a final door that leads to your escape and you win! The challenge comes in solving the puzzles and doing it all within one hour…

Am I actually LOCKED in?
Yes and no. Your main goal is to escape through a locked door, however, for health and safety there will always be an emergency exit to open.

How long do these things last?
You will have 60 minutes from the moment the main door of the room is locked.
You should expect a few minutes for an introduction before the game as well as a wrap up at the end for celebrations, photos etc.

Do I need to be really smart?
Not necessarily, all the best escape rooms (i.e. The Strategy) make use of a variety of mental skills; pattern recognition, lateral thinking and just plain common sense. None of the games require any outside knowledge to be able to complete the rooms, everything you need is inside. For example, if you needed to know the flag of a country, a good escape room will have a clear picture of the flag and the country it is for, if you need to do any maths, they include a calculator, etc.

How many people play these at once?
Two of our rooms are designed for a maximum of x8 (The Box and The Vault) and one is designed for a maximum of x6 (The Way to Wonderland). However, if you are a larger group, we can absolutely accommodate you all to play multiple rooms at the same time.

How hard are these games?
Depending on the game you play, we estimate around 60-70 percent of people escape.

So a lot of people fail?
The enjoyment comes from the journey, not the destination.
If everyone escaped, where is the fun?! The puzzle difficulty and the time pressure are what give escape rooms that unique thrill!

How do I book?
Simple. Click through to our booking page or give our customer service team an email or call if you would like more information or if you want to do something special.

0333 343 1110